What Is the Definition of the Word Coterminous

The adjective coterminous is derived from the Latin word conterminus and means “adjacent, having a common boundary”. If something is coterminial, it has the same limits or is of the same extent or duration as something else. The expansion of the Old American West coincided with the expansion of the Great American Frontier. Your mayor`s mandate could be associated with better access to social services. The parish, which coincided with the county and was founded at the same time, also honored the Duke and was called Russell. But Huckley`s article conformed only to the use of Scripture among mankind. Authorized districts are in accordance with parliamentary constituencies. Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary Definition of the Coterminal Adjective Parishes in these counties have been instructed to be identical to county boundaries. Faith in immortality is consistent with belief in Deity; The two forms of faith are always to be found together. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Use the word coterminous to describe things that have the same scope. If an earthquake in Australia coincided with the earthquake in China, it means that it caused the same amount of destruction. Have appropriate limits; or adjacent and with a border.

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